Buy MP3 player: iPod Nano 5G clone

6 Januari 2010 pukul 07:13 | Ditulis dalam i pod, mp3 player, review, technology | Tinggalkan komentar


Don’t be confused by the picture because although it shows a device that is quite similar to the Apple iPod Nano 5, that is only a clone.

This media player has not any specific name. It has a chromed framework and comes with a 2.2-inch LCD display. Besides, it features an internal memory of 2 Gigabytes and, similar to the iPod Nano 5G, has a 0.3-megapixel camera.

The device is compatible with MP3 audio formats and AVI video files. In addition, it includes FM Radio tuner and voice recording capabilities.

However, different to the Apple iPod Nano, this player only costs $33.25 and comes with headphones, a USB cable in white, and an AC adapter.


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