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Sealife DC600 digital camera is a camera that you can use both under water and above water. Sealife DC600 digital camera can be use up to 200 feet under the water. When it out of its housing it is very small and light so you can take it anywhere.



Sealife DC600 comes with features a 6.1 megapixel-2848 x 2136pixel, 10MB onboard, and a SD Card slot. Focal length is 5.5 to 16.5 millimeters, or 32 to 96mm in the old 35mm film camera parlance. Movies record at full 30 frame per second speed at 640 x 480 pixel format and the camera records sound with movies, even underwater. Sensitivity is limited. It’s automatic, or can be set to 64, 100 or 200 ISO.

Sealife DC600 normal focus range goes from a foot to infinity. A macro range let’s you get as close as a couple of inches. There is a self-timer, exposure compensation, and a 4X digital zoom on top of the 3X optical zoom. The built-in flash has four modes: automatic, on, off, and red-eye reduction.


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  1. wow.. keren abis sob… info yang sangat kubutuhkan banget nih. maklum lagi mau belajar poto-poto.. jadi referensinya cukup lengkaptetap semangat succes 4 U

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