Indonesia Anticipating Cyber War

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Indonesia is now preparing an integrated information technology system to anticipate a cyber war, which is something already pioneered by other countries.

“The war of information and technology is a global challenge now. Due to this reason, we cannot be ignorant, we can’t help but develop an adequate, powerful, and solid information technology system,” stated Sjafrie Sjamsoeddin, Deputy Minister for Defense, Jakarta, Tuesday.

He explained that one of the components that must be enhanced is the media, with its role, function, and technology. The media should be a tool to anticipate an information and technology war on the internet.

“The media is a non-military defense component that can be utilized to support the state defense system, by employing the media to anticipate a cyber-war, or a war of information technology.”

For this purpose the Department of Defense is having a workshop that involves media actors and businessmen to come up with an integrated information technology system that can stand against a cyber-war.

Sjafrie underlined that besides the conventional war that should be anticipated with sufficient military force, the inconventional war threats, such as on information technology on the internet, must be anticipated and well managed.

“We cannot upgrade the main weaponry system to the maximum, due to budget restriction, but we will continue to do so gradually, while also anticipating inconventional wars, according to the existing strategic environment.”


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